My Siem Reap Itinerary

So I had a mini little adventure with my dearest sister of 17 going 18 years in Siem Reap! I have received a couple of requests for the itinerary, so I have decided to do a quick one for you.

As always, I like to start with what I shouldnt have done, and this time it was:

Planning Sunrise Tour and Full Day Angkor Wat tour separately.

So each entry in to Angkor Wat is USD 20, USD 40 for a 3 days pass. For us we were only planning to head back there once, and we clearly forgot that to catch the sunrise, is considered a day. So we ended up paying USD 20 for 1 full day tour, and USD 20 again just to catch sunrise.

So save the USD 20 by planning Sunrise, Day Tour, Sunset Tour @ Angkor Wat!

Day 1


  • Reach Rambutan Resort in afternoon ( Nice place, but the mosquitoes are OMG)
  • Walked to the Old market and bought tickets for a Full Day Tour to Angkor Wat temple @ USD 13 (Excluding lunch & USD 20 entrance tickets)
  • Buy ticket to traditional apsara dance and buffet dinner – USD12
  • Walk  the night market


Day 2


  • Breakfast @ Rambutan Resort – They serve really good brekkie FOC!
  • Temple tour @ 8.30am to 6.30pm *
    • Angkor Thom
    • Bayon Temple
    • Ta Phnom
    • Angkor Wat
    • Phnom Bakheng Temple **
  • Dinner in Hotel
  • Massage @ Khmer Relief Spa ( Really good pampering for the price we paid)
  • Drinking cheap supermarket beer at the hotel

*Travel Tip: I personally think that joining the tour isn’t too bad a thing if you would like to learn the historical beginnings of the temples. Our guide is pretty nice but he didn’t have the best English so sometimes we lose track of what he says and we start to lost interest in the explanation.

We paid USD 26 for 2 pax, you can consider hiring a driver who can take you around for the same price in Aircon comfort. Once you hit mid day, a tuk tuk dont really seem that ideal in the dusty hot sun 🙂

** Travel Tip: Phnom Bakheng has a limitation of 300 pax on the top of the temple which people queue to get in. I would suggest that you start to make your way up to the hill between 3,30-4pm and camp for your sunset spot. It is beautifully awesome unless you have Chinese tourists who block the view 1/2 the time with their cameras.


Day 3


  • Breakfast @ Rambutan Resort
  • Relax in hotel pool ( Bring mosquito repellant)
  • Did a 4.5hrs spa session (USD 80), at Asia Spa Association ( The masseurs talk too much)
  • Make booking for Genevieve’s Restaurant for Day 4( Must Go! Super popular)
  • Ate at Chamkar Vegetarian Restaurant instead, best decision ever ***
  • Back to hotel to rest

***Travel Tip Chamkar restaurant was the best vegetarian restaurant I have been to anywhere in the world. If you are ever in Siem Reap, dont miss out on this place cause their food was sooo soo good. If you have the chance, go try one of their appetizers called Wedding Feast, and Eggplant lovers. BEST BEST BEST. We tried their original outlet which is super “bird dont lay egg place” there is another outlet in Old Market which has a smaller but equally good menu


Day 4


  • See Sunrise at Angkor Wat ( USD 10 for taxi, USD 20 each for tickets)
  • Go back hotel sleep / you can choose to go travel Angkor Wat again since you already have tickets to the place
  • Lunch at ABBA Cafe & Lounge ( The Khmer Curry is yummy!)
  • Did yoga @ Peace Cafe for USD 7
  • Headed back to Genevieve’s Restaurant (Do try their Beef Lok Lak. Soo soo good!)
  • Night market shopping for souvenirs
  • Clubbing at Temple Club – No cover charge and nice music


Day 5

  • Slept in and slack in the hotel
  • Claim our 30 mins free foot massage from the hotel
  • Almost went back to Chankra for lunch cause it was so damn good



Travel Tips for Siem Reap

  • Everything is quoted to you in USD. Change is usually given back to you in Riels as well.
  • Changi Airport doesnt have Cambodia Riels for change, so take note of that if you are doing your exchange.
  • You know those baggy thin Aladdin pants? Wear them with your thinnest top cause the weather is crazy hot!
  • Bargain for everything. The first price they quote you is always the price which they have already double up. I have a same wallet quoted to me from a range of USD 2-6 dollars.
  • Tuk Tuk rides are pretty much at USD 1-2 dollars. For longer distances it can be USD 3. There are loads of Tuk Tuk drivers, so dont ever be worried about not being able to find 1!

Rome & Florence Itinerary: Land of Pizzas, Pastas and Piazzas


So there have been a few friends who have came to me for my itinerary to both Rome & Florence, and I decided to do a quick recap before I forget all my details.

I spent 7 days and 6 nights in Italy, 3 nights in Florence and 3 nights in Rome.

There was one major flaw in my itinerary, which I forgot to check out what was happening in Venice. BIG MISTAKE.

I found out on the day I reach Italy, that they were having the annual mask masquerade during that week, and I couldn’t afford to cancel my AIRBNB reservation and rebook hotels at Venice.

So please, check your calendars on other European cities well before you make a silly mistake like me to go to Florence when it was so much more happening in Venice *Smacks Head*

3rd Feb ( Wednesday)

• Morning flight into Rome Flumicino Airport
• Book tickets at the Rome Train Station to head to Florence *
• Reach Florence and check into Airbnb apartment. Mine was with Ambra who gave us great Florence recommendations for food!
• Walked to Piazza della Signoria for night shots. Trust me, this place way way way much better at night.
• Dinner at Da Gherado, best pizza we had in Florence
• Rested early for the night

* Quick Tip, if you can’t get a direct train, go take a shuttle bus at the Bus station for 4 Euros into Termini station and get your Florence train tickets there. You save 10 Euros cause train tickets to Termini for transfer are at 14 Euros*

4th Feb ( Thursday)

• Had breakfast at Gran Caffe San Marco. Not the cheapest but really yummy **
• Spent the morning strolling through Galleria dell’ Accademia with our prebooked tickets. I read every single sign so it took me 5 hours to be done
• Headed to Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore for photos and bought Duomo tickets at 15 Euros
• Had lunch at Pizzeria Del Duomo ( good and cheap pizza!)
• Visited the The Baptistery of St John ( Part of Duomo tickets)
• Climbed the Giotto Tower to capture sunset shorts of the Duomo
• Climbed the Duomo to capture night shots of the Giotto Tower and the streets
• Walk to Piazza delle Republica for night shots
• Dinner at Trattoria Zaza ( Best pasta in in Florence IMHO. Try their truffle menu)

** Quick Tip Note that you pay 1-2 Euros as service charge in most cafe and restaurants, whenever you sit and eat. Or you can just stand at the bar or takeaway for no service charge.

5th Feb ( Friday)

• Breakfast opposite our Airbnb Apartment @ La Piccola Corte. Highly recommended for their great coffee!
• Walked to Uffizi Gallery with our prebooked tickets and spent another 4 hours there
• Walked along Via di S.Niccolo where there are different kinds of artist gallery which is very well worth visiting!
• Dined at Osteria San Niccolo Don’t bother with this place. Everything was too salty
• Climbed up Puazzake Michelangelo for Sunset. This is a definite must go to place!
• Dinner @ Trattoria Casa Linga. Steak is excellent there. Please go knock yourself out.

6th Feb ( Saturday)

• Grabbed breakfast at the grocery store
• Bought train tickets to Rome
• Reach Rome and activated our ROMA Pass by taking the subway ***
Met Giovanni our Rome Airbnb host where we settle in and where he brief us on places to go
• Train to Piazza Del Popolo and walk slowly to Spanish Steps
Joined a free tour with New Rome Free Tours, had the lovely Stefano to bring us through the main highlights of Central Roma. E.g. Trevi Fountains, Pantheon
• Headed back to the apartment and had Arcobaleno Pizza & Kebab for dinner

*** Quick Tip We bought our Roma pass at the airport cause we knew that we were going to be traveling only on the first 3 days in Rome and we wanted to activate it for train travel immediately. Plan your schedule well to fully make use of the pass benefits

7th Feb ( Sunday)

• Breakfast @ AirBnb
• Walked to the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, Roman Forum
• Visited Altar of the Fatherland at Piazza Venizia ****
• Lunch at a random café
• Visited Campidoglio which took us 3 hours to read through 70% of everything
• Dinner at Chinese Takeout next to our AirBnB cause we were so tired

**** Quick Tip We found that we had free museum passes on this Sunday as Rome gives free access to the museums on the first Sunday of the month. The Roma pass lets you bypass all the queues to exchange for free tickets to get into museums immediately.

8th Feb ( Monday)

• Trained to Ottaviano Station
• Walked to “What A Life Tours” where we met Carlotta and another family to visit the Vatican Museum
• Spent 3 hours in Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel learning about Art History *MUST GO*
• Lunch @ café next What A Life Tours. Good coffee and pretty ok food!
• Grab really good ice cream at a crazy famous Gelato shop: Gelateria Old Bridge.
• Queued up at St Peter Basilica to get through the Holy Door ( Lucky us got this golden opportunity, cause the Holy Door opens only 1 every 25 years)
• Hanged around St Peter’s Basilica till sunset to grab our night shots
• Headed to a nearby super market to grab food stuff for friends at home
• Dinner at Chinese Takeout again, cause we were missing Chinese food 🙂

**** Quick Tip I strongly suggest getting a guide for the Vatican museums because of the rice history of the vatican museums and the history of the art pieces. If I had gone for the museums alone I most definitely would not have walked away enriched or excited about Vatican’s relationship with Arts. So please please please just spend the money and book a tour to skip the lines. 

In addition to that, my tour was supposed to end at St Peter’s but there were 2 saints being displayed at the Basilica so our special entrance was closed and we had to queue to get in like everyone else.

9th Feb ( Tuesday)
• Sleep in late
• Had breakfast prepared by Giovanni’s wife and It was crazy yummy
• Lunch at Spaccio Pasta – I think I didn’t order the right stuff but their sides were good
• Headed to nearby Super market to grab Italian Cheeses
• Headed to Termini Station and took a 1 hr bus ride to Flumicino Airport
• Back to Singapore


And that is full itinerary for my Rome Trip! Hope everyone finds it helpful for planning their Rome/Florence Trip!

You can check out more photos on Instagram @ #LynnVinInItaly

Myanmar 2015 – Bagan Temple Hopping

Reached Bagan at 5am and we were all groggy from bus ride. As we were getting off the bus, I was wondering why there was such a commotion!

Drivers and horsemen were offering their services to anyone who step off the bus. However, not to worry cause they are really nice about it. Not pushy and reasonable in their rates.

The taxi quoted us USD 8 for a ride to the hotel , and along the way, we decided to take up their Sunrise + City Tour + Sunset package for another USD 30.

First Stop for the Day: Sunrise at Bulethi Pagoda!

 photo IMG_6219_zpsuftmocfx.jpg

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Another Start


It has been a long hiatus but it is definitely good to be back.

This year I have been globe trotting for a fair bit to places which I have never step foot in before and my year ahead looks to be filled with more adventures which I would love to share on this domain
I have come to realised that have evolved into a blog where friends and strangers come to for my travel itinerary and tips, which I am always willing to share

Given my 2 last trips to Malapascua and Myanmar, I found that so little information can be found on these 2 places, that I had received tons of enquirires on my Facebook.

So.. Hello again to new adventures 🙂